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The Scottish Fixers Family at the British Film Institute!
ITV Studios!

The Feel Happy Fix Live!

At the start of the year, I was delighted to be asked by a member of staff from Fixers to come along and take part in a nation wide event called The Feel Happy Fix which would allow us fixers to  represent the views and opinions of young people who have experience of mental health issues/conditions, with the aim of making Britain a happier place for young people.


The main event took place in London on the 11th of March and consisted of a morning of workshops relating at the British Film Institute followed by a live debate at the ITV studios which was aired on Youtube.


At the event, I had the chance to meet hundreds of other young people who had created Fixers projects relating to mental health and wellbeing and others who have been affected by bereavement.

It was a wonderful opportunity to hear how others had dealt with grief and loss and to hear them all campaigning so strongly to raise awareness about mental health issues amongst young people.


At the event I also had the opportunity to meet my local MSP and hear her feedback and positive messages about my website.


For more information on the Feel Happy Fix please follow the links!



Gen :)


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Cancer Care Fix!

Recently I was shown a link to another fantastic fixers project created by 16 year old Kayla Laisby from Grange-over-Sands in Cumbria.


When Kayla Laisby’s dad was diagnosed with terminal cancer, she felt many of those close to her didn’t know how to offer their support.


Kayla said it was often the ‘elephant in the room’ and she now wants to help others understand how to approach the subject with their friends or relatives.


Speaking with Fixers, Kayla stated that ‘It tested my friendships and relationships over the years because of the way each individual dealt with it, or dealt with me.'


‘People would treat me differently. They would over-sympathise.


‘I wouldn’t get invited somewhere because they knew that I was having problems at home, but I’d rather go out and do something then sit dwelling on my dad’s illness.’


Kayla hopes her broadcast will encourage young people to discuss the topic openly and without fear.


Whilst watching the film I felt like I could relate a lot to what Kayla had felt and she managed to put in to words a lot of feelings that many young people experience when dealing with someone with a terminal illness, it was for this reason that I wanted to share her film and allow others to see her inspirational fixers project.


Well done Kayla!


To find out more about Kayla's Cancer Care Fix and to watch the film, follow this link:



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Youth Matter: A Whole Lot of Grief.

Recently I was contacted by a lady called Laura McLarty who is a professional youth researcher with 15 years experience working with young people.


 Laura talks about the issues,especially bereavement and mental health, affecting young people in the hope of raising awareness of the barriers they are facing in society at the moment.

 After some initial discussions with Laura, I was delighted to be informed that she had wrote a blog about me and my website entitled 'A Whole Lot of Grief – helping youth get through it'.


In Laura's blog she details how she experienced and learned to cope with bereavement after the death of her parents before introducing my website and sharing some information about how I came to create the website.


The blog is absolutely beautiful and I am always so grateful to people for taking the time out to read my website, so please if you have some spare time, check out this wonderful blog and feel free to share the link!




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