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Finding help


The first few steps to finding help include…


  • Realising that you don’t have to go through this alone - there are people out there more than willing to listen and help you!

  • Don’t be ashamed to admit you’re struggling - there’s no shame in grieving. If you’re upset, don’t just stick on a brave face because you think it’s what others would want to see, you are more than entitled to express your emotions at this difficult time. 

  • Realising that things will get better - It’s not always an easy one to believe, but trust me, I’ve been through it too! You will never fully get over the loss of someone close to you and the memories of them will be forever embedded in your heart but with time you’ll learn to cope. Life is short, and they would want you to make the most of what you have. So go out and live your life, not only for yourself, but for them too!


For more support or information

Cruse Scotland

  • cruse.org.uk
    Helpline: 0844 477 9400
    Email: helpline@cruise.org.uk


Young Minds 


NHS Choices: Coping with Bereavement


NHS Choices: Children and Bereavement


RD4U (Road for you)
Check out the youth booklet, timeline and message boards on this website!


Breathing Space Scotland



If you need immediate help, please get in touch with Samaritans.


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Here are some Fixer resources that have been done around the UK on bereavement. 

They're great and I've found them really informative.